On the Trail...

This sections contains photos of Bob and many of the people he has met traveling around Oklahoma this campaign season.  Did you meet Bob or his family members at an event recently?  If so, you may find yourself here!

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2018mar10-logancty_6446.JPG (207483 bytes)    
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2018mar05-clevelandcty_6396.JPG (205191 bytes) 2018mar05-clevelandcty_6409.JPG (188163 bytes) 2018mar05-clevelandcty_6418.JPG (174773 bytes)
2018mar05-clevelandcty_6420.JPG (206780 bytes) 2018mar05-okrwc_6381.JPG (195686 bytes)  
2018mar05-okrwc_6374.JPG (189362 bytes) 2018mar05-okrwc_6376.JPG (197312 bytes) 2018mar05-okrwc_6380.JPG (188217 bytes)
2017oct28-stephensco_6169.JPG (231505 bytes) 2017oct28-stephensco_6170.JPG (186657 bytes) 2017oct28-stephensco_6172.JPG (213676 bytes)
2017oct28-stephensco_6173.JPG (229540 bytes) 2017nov02-bedlambash_6180.JPG (200427 bytes)  

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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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