Letter to the Editor:
Courageous Commissioner

Tulsa World - February 10, 2001

We are grateful for Bob Anthony, a corporation commissioner with the courage and honesty to speak up against the corporate greed of Oklahoma Natural Gas Co.

I'd like reassurance that ii isn't involved in a "profit paperwork shuffle," wherein a utility buys natural gas at a reasonable rate then inflates the price and sells it to other companies who further inflate the price and sell it back to the original utility -- who then passes the inflated price on to consumers.

How could we give ONG the right to pass on any price it decides to pay for natural gas without restrictions to negotiate lowest prices?  Saying it can't tack a profit onto the price of gas -- only to the delivery -- is ludicrous when there are large loopholes which ensure profitability.  ONG's abuse requires immediate revocation of this license to steal.  Its greed is crippling Oklahoma's economy -- putting small companies out of business and skyrocketing the unemployment and inflation rates and preventing new companies from locating here.

Thanks to Commissioner Anthony for following a course of thorough investigation despite the pressure from utilities and fellow commissioners.  We are behind him 100 percent!

J.V. Erwin, Tulsa

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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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