Re-Elect Commissioner Bob Anthony

The Tulsa Beacon - May 31, 2018

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony has a storied career in fighting for the best interests of everyone in the state.

Anthony, a conservative Republican, has battled utility companies and their efforts to take advantage of their state-licensed monopolies.  In fact, he ordered the largest utility refunds in state history.

Anthony has been a proponent of the use of natural gas -- a great resource in Oklahoma.  He was helpful in bringing wind power to the state.  Anthony facilitated the rollout of high-speed Internet service in Oklahoma.

Add in the deregulation of the trucking industry, railroad improvements, pipeline safety, environmental protections, energy efficiency incentives and other factors, and it is hard to find a more accomplished public official in Oklahoma.

But Anthony's greatest value in public office has been to help root out corruption.  In 1995, the FBI gave Anthony an award because of his assistance in rooting out bribery in state agencies.  That took great courage but it made Oklahoma a better place.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is not a great landing spot for someone with no experience.  Anthony was first elected in 1988 (the first Republican to win that seat in 60 years).  Anthony has degrees and awards from Wharton School of Finance, the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics, Yale University and Harvard University.

State government needes people with proven integrity and pertinent experience.  With a background in private business and the Copration Commission, Commissioner Bob Anthony has both.

The Tulsa Beason endorses Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony for another term in office.

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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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