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The Tulsa Beacon - September 27, 2018

Ashley Nicole McCray is a dangerous, radical would-be politician who wants to wage war on the energy industry in Oklahoma. She despises the roots of capitalism and will try to damage state companies with a combative relationship. McCray will defer to the state’s tribes in their quest for increases sovereignty and punish any Oklahoma business that dares to disagree with her.

McCray would like to end the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma and make citizens reliant solely on wind power and solar power. She is part of a radical group in Norman who wish to use “renewal energy” exclusively in that city by 2035.

McCray was named the 2017 Distinguished Activist by the Oklahoma Sierra Club’s Red Earth Group. That alone should stop Oklahomans with common sense from voting for her for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

This is a dangerous person who shouldn’t hold an office that is vital to the well-being of every Oklahoman.

We need energy to function as a society. The production of oil and natural gas in particular is the cleanest it has ever been. Wind and solar power has its place but they cannot meet the needs of Oklahoma.

The Corporation Commission is charged with monitoring private utilities that have government monopolies. It takes a watchful eye to protect the interests of the citizen.

A radical who prefers socialist policies over the actual welfare of people should be voted down.

For a long time, Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony has proven that he is fair, honest, hard working and has sufficient common sense to do what’s best for the state.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Bob Anthony for Corporation Commissioner and urges you to vote for him on November 6.

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