Bob Anthony is honesty in government

The Seminole Producer - June 2012

This year Republican voters will decide the Corporation Commissioner’s race. The Democratic Party did not field a candidate. Former Corporation Commission employee Brooks Mitchell is challenging current commissioner Bob Anthony.

Mitchell is a native of Seminole. His grandparents include Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Mitchell, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy.

Normally we would lean towards a candidate for state office who called Seminole home. In this case Bob Anthony is the other choice.

Bob Anthony is the only commissioner who has served before 2009. With the other two commissioners serving just a few years, experienced leadership is a valuable trait.

The main reason we would vote for Bob Anthony is honesty. We don’t know Brooks Mitchell and having met him only once we’re not questioning his honesty. Bob Anthony’s honesty is a proven record.

When our former public servants both Democrat and Republican failed their moral duties and became elected crooks, Bob Anthony called the FBI.

Bob Anthony’s undercover work for the feds exposed crooks working for the utility companies bribing his fellow commissioners. One commissioner and one utility lobbyist went to prison.

We’re a registered Democrat and cannot support Bob Anthony with our vote this year, but if we could and most likely even if his opponent was a fellow Democrat we would vote for Bob Anthony.

Honest government has to start somewhere and the best place to start is with the people we elect to office.

Bob Anthony is honesty in government.


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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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