Time Somebody Said a Good Word for Bob Anthony

The Friday - December 30, 1994

Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony has had to take a ribbing from friends and ridicule from enemies for long enough.

It’s time somebody said a kind word for Bob Anthony.

Anthony saw something wrong in state government. A lot of us have been similar witnesses. The difference is, Anthony had the courage and the stubborn determination to try to right a serious wrong that has grown up in our state, and undoubtedly many others.

Graft! Corruption! Bribery!

The unsophisticated and unenlightened laughed at the highly educated public official who chose to play cop and get himself wired by the FBI.

Who’s laughing now?

Anthony, virtually single-handedly, and in the face of much scorn, weathered the storm, got the evidence and paved the way for the conviction of at least a couple of crooks. That’s a big step no one else outside the enforcement agencies has done.

Informed Oklahomans have KNOWN graft and corruption was present in the state’s many dealings with vendors to the state and the public. But there was no hard, concrete evidence to prove it.

Anthony got the evidence! The court, with a jury of twelve, handed down the conviction of a crooked lawyer and a crooked high state official for giving and taking a bribe.

There’s a lot more of it going on out there.

Maybe now, that Anthony has been vindicated, others will have the courage to do the same thing.

One of the lowest forms of humanity is a vendor to government who prostitutes the trust of governance by bribing weak and greedy public officials. Keep an eye on contractors and consultants in the arena of government where big bucks are at stake.

Bob Anthony is no longer the butt of ignorant jokes.

Bob Anthony is an Oklahoma hero! Unless, of course, you think it is all right for crooks to have special preference over the rest of the people, by illegal bribery for special favors.

© 1994 The Friday

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