Letter to the Editor: Reader Supports Anthony

Enid Daily Eagle - October 27, 1988


To the people of Enid and Garfield County, I ask you to vote for Bob Anthony for Corporation Commission.  A native of Oklahoma born in Oklahoma City, he is young, efficient, honest, dependable, a family man ... I have known Bob all his life, also his father and mother (Guy and Chris), the many years I worked for C.R. Anthony.

Being a 40-year retired employee of C.R. Anthony Co., Guy was my boss in the Enid store.  He is Bob's dad (father).  Guy taught me how to sell piece goods.  We had to sell.  Not like it is today.  People sell to themselves.  They give the items to the sales clerk and she makes the ticket.  Time changes everything.

One day Christine came in the store to buy some clothes for the little boys.  She was carrying Bob in her arms.  I asked her if I could hold him.  A customer came along, and I gave him back to his mother...  I never did tell Bob that I held him in my arms when he was a baby.  My three sons were in the Southwest Pacific during World War II.

Come on, vote for Bob Anthony.  He is well qualified for the job.  Oklahoma needs Bob Anthony for this job of Corporation Commission.

He has a wife and four little daughters to support.  He is well qualified for this job (Corporation Commission) ... A retired employee of C.R. Anthony Co., living in my 90 years of life ... I am for Bob Anthony.

Hallie T.Ball, Enid

© 1988 The Enid News & Eagle

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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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