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The Daily Oklahoman - October 30, 2000


The so-called "deregulation" of our utility suppliers has been long anticipated and billed as a reform. But as some states are already finding out to their dismay, deregulation has its share of spooky aspects and carries with it some definite unintended results. Some wonder if this improvement isn't in reality another way to gouge consumers. In place of elected watchdogs serving as our three corporation commissioners who've regulated utilities since the says trusts were busted in the late 1920s and 1930s, the public may once again become victimized by uncontrolled big-business combinations.

In this maze of massive change in utility regulation the public needs more than ever smart regulators who can see the boogers-in-the-woods and keep utility rates low and the public interest protected. Honesty, integrity, experience and know-how are a must in this new consumer-unfriendly environment called deregulation. To that end, Oklahomans have been served superbly by our incumbent corporation commissioner, Bob Anthony.

Oklahomans will show good judgment when they re-elect Bob Anthony to the Corporation Commission on Nov. 7.

Dick Hefton, City

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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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