Letter to the Editor:
Can't be bought

The Daily Oklahoman - June 10, 2003


Regarding "Ex-commissioners want Anthony to step down" (news story, May 23): I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that Ed Apple and Cody Graves were calling for the ouster of Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony. Anthony has protected the people of Oklahoma on utility overcharges and gone to court on behalf of Oklahomans to get back those overcharges. Anthony can't be bought, so they want him out.

The excuse they gave is that Oklahoma can't attract new businesses with Anthony on the Corporation Commission. I guess what they're trying to say is that if we don't let businesses gouge and cheat Oklahoma consumers, they won't locate here. I say we can do without more crooks.

I'd like to thank Anthony for his great contribution to the people of Oklahoma. If every state office were held by people of his integrity, I'd pay my taxes with a smile. There are irregularities at the Insurance Commission, Tax Commission, state Health Department, etc. And who do they want to resign? Bob Anthony!

I guess honesty won't be tolerated in Oklahoma state government.

Jerry R. Marlar, Ponca City

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