Honest Officials Appreciated

The Bethany Tribune - November 7, 1996

To the Editor:

I am thankful for an honest elected official in our state government, Bob Anthony, who wasted no time after being elected as Corporation Commissioner to seek out those companies who have been found guilty of unfairly treating the public they serve due to their advantages, etc. in their business activities! It is through these investigation activities, things of wrong-doing have been brought to light.

Personally, I am hoping Bob Anthony's future political plans for higher office (like Governor or U.S. Senator) are being thought of as possibilities.

I noted an article in the newspaper a few days ago whereby the public is due a lowering of our electrical rates, possibly in the near future.  I personally believe that this could be the result of some of Bob's investigations.  Incidentally, they do not just lower rates unless confronted with a very proven challenge.  To me, these investigations all add up to a lot of cheating by some of our better-thought-of-companies who have been caught in the act of cheating the public.  They will, of course, pay the penalty of their act if the charges are proven to be correct.

I cannot help but shout my praise for that individual for bringing about those things through investigation for public judgment and compensation.  I intend to continue giving Bob Anthony all the encouragement and praise due him for his tremendous efforts in this regard.

Again I say, sic 'em Bob!

Cecil Walkup, Bethany

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