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Tulsa press conference

Bob announcing his candidacy for the Corporation Commission
at a Tulsa news conference in June 1988.

On June 28, 1988 the Anthony family got cleaned and combed and headed to Tulsa where Bob held a news conference and announced his candidacy for the Corporation Commission.  They then loaded themselves back in the car to repeat the performance in Oklahoma City.  When they arrived at the State Capital at the appointed time however, no one was there.  After waiting around for about an hour in the June sun, without a single reporter showing up, they finally gave up and went home.  As it turned out, that same day Governor Bellmon had chastised the State Legislature for its "pork-belly politics" and the media was having a field day with that story -- not Bob's announcement.

Oklahoma City press conference

The Anthonys in front of the State Capitol in Oklahoma City on June 28, 1988 when
not a single reporter showed up for Bob's scheduled news conference.

Charged with passing out stickers to delegates at the 1988 State Republican Convention at the Myriad Convention Center in Oklahoma City, the four Anthony girls took up strategic posts outside doors leading to the arena and politely asked passers-by if they would wear Bob Anthony stickers.  Reception to the requests was generally welcoming, but Katie B. (then 5 years old) seemed to be having extraordinary success compared with her older sisters.  At first, everyone thought it was just because she was so young and cute, but further investigation revealed that when passers-by declined to accept one of Katie B's stickers, she secretly stuck one on their back as they left!

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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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