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Register to Vote:

If you are a U.S. Citizen and a legal resident of Oklahoma who has not yet registered to vote, visit the State Election Board web site:

Oklahoma Election Board Voter Registration Information

or simply download and complete the voter registration form and return it to your local county election board:

Oklahoma Voter Registration Form
(a .PDF file readable by Adobe Acrobat)

In order to vote in the following elections, you must register by the following deadlines:

Primary Election - Tuesday, June 26
Registration Deadline - Friday, June 1
Early Voting - June 21, 22, 23

Runoff Primary Election - Tuesday, August 28
Registration Deadline - Friday, August 3
Early Voting - August 23, 24, 25

General Election - Tuesday, November 6
Registration Deadline - Friday, October 12
Early Voting - November 1, 2, 3


Absentee Ballots:

If you are unable to make it to the polls on election day or during early voting, you can still cast your ballot, either by mail or in person.

For information about voting by mail, visit the State Election Board web site to download the appropriate form for your particular absentee situation:

Oklahoma Election Board Absentee Voting Information

The absentee ballot must be received at the Election Board by 7:00pm on Election Day.

Voters may also cast an absentee ballot in person at the county election board office on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before election day.

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