Bob's Record in Public Service

At the Corporation Commission

Here are a few of Bob Anthony's accomplishments and victories achieved during his years at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission:

  • Fought consistently for utility rate reductions and refunds for Oklahoma's gas, electric and telephone customers, while allowing utility companies the resources necessary to provide reliable service.
  • Obtained the largest refund and rate reduction in state history for Oklahoma's ratepayers.
  • Mandated adoption of modern telephone equipment and technology standards statewide which have benefited distance learning, telemedicine and economic development, especially in rural areas across the state.
  • Ordered technology upgrades to benefit Oklahoma's schools and universities.
  • Under-spent the commission budget by $1.4 million in state  fiscal year 1990 (his first full year as chairman), after which the state legislature took direct budgetary control away from the commissioners.
  • Created the two largest toll-free calling circles in the United States.
  • Introduced "The Anthony Plan" which inaugurated an alternative form of telephone regulation to encourage competition and consumer choice in local phone service.
  • Established opportunities for "startup" telephone companies within the Anthony Plan, bringing competitive consumer choice and job opportunities to Oklahoma.
  • Sponsored incentives to bring about the broadest accessibility to high-speed Internet service of any state in the nation.
  • Enforced rules to protect Oklahoma's air and water, and improved collection of fines for violations of pollution prevention rules.
  • Adopted the strongest ethics policy of any state agency in Oklahoma.
  • Assisted in a 1989-1994 FBI investigation at the Corporation Commission, which resulted in bribery convictions and prison terms for the former chairman and a former general counsel of the commission.
  • Earned the FBI's Louis E. Peters Service Award, the bureau's highest honor given to a citizen, "who at great personal sacrifice, has unselfishly served his community and the nation."
  • Adopted new exploration incentives and new procedures to accommodate horizontal drilling, 3-D seismic testing, and production from tight sands, as well as new oil and gas rules and utility provisions to help prevent the premature plugging of marginal wells.
  • Simplified and streamlined the processing of oil and gas applications.
  • Adopted a set of modern and progressive rules to bring the benefits of customer choice and competition to gas utility service.
  • Adopted requirements for a "prudence review" and hearing before millions of dollars in utility company "stranded costs" can be passed on to ratepayers.
  • Achieved smooth deregulation of intrastate trucking in Oklahoma.
  • Worked cooperatively with Governor Brad Henry's administration to establish electronic filing at the Corporation Commission.
  • Worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to plug hundreds of abandoned oil and gas wells in northeastern Oklahoma.
  • Assisted the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board in the restoration of over 11,000 abandoned oil and gas sites in Oklahoma.
  • Defeated an attempt by the state legislature to amend the constitution (without a vote of the people) which would have given an illegal mid-term pay raise to the corporation commissioners.

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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

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