Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony is Re-Elected in 2012!


108,565  BOB ANTHONY | 65%

58,854  Brooks Mitchell | 35%

Thanks again, Oklahoma!

An independent, conservative voice for honesty and integrity in government, Oklahoma consumers trust Bob Anthony to continue fighting for the interests of all Oklahomans at the Corporation Commission.

Fighting... and Winning!

  • creating jobs by making Oklahoma utility rates more competitive
  • promoting natural gas usage in vehicles, homes and businesses
  • strengthening consumer protections
  • ordering the largest utility refunds in state history
  • rooting out corruption
  • reducing regulatory burdens to business
  • growing domestic energy production
  • protecting the environment
  • bringing wind power to the state
  • rolling out high-speed Internet and enhanced 911
  • enforcing the toughest ethics code of any state agency
  • increasing utility reliability standards
  • offering incentives for energy efficiency
  • upgrading technology for schools and tele-medicine
  • deregulating intrastate trucking
  • improving railroad and pipeline safety

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." -- Thomas Jefferson.

As the most economically powerful state agency in Oklahoma, the Corporation Commission affects the daily lives of every single citizen in the state -- from the utility bills they pay, to the quality of the environment their children play in, and even the railroad crossings they drive through.  With so much at stake, the job demands business experience and conservative leadership, not to mention the highest standards of honesty, integrity and commitment to duty.

That is why Bob is running for re-election to the Corporation Commission.


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Bob Anthony - Corporation Commission

Honesty. Integrity. ANTHONY.

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